Michigan high school basketball team ends up FaceTiming with Tom Brady after accidentally texting Sean Murphy-Bunting

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Imagine setting up a group chat with your friends and adding the wrong number. Now imagine if that wrong number was the number of an NFL player. For a group of high school students in Pontiac, Michigan, the errant text message proved to provide a legendary moment that those kids will never forget.

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Players on the boys’ freshmen basketball team at Notre Dame Prep ended up on a FaceTime call with Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and other notable Tampa Bay Buccaneers players after they accidentally entered the wrong number in their group text, which happened to be the number of Bucs cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting.

It all began when Vinny Tartaglia started a group text for the freshmen boys’ basketball team so they can communicate with each other prior to upcoming practices. Tartaglia, according to school counselor P. Jason Whalen, messed up on one of the digits, and instead of the number belonging to their teammate, Luca, it belonged to Murphy-Bunting, who happens to have the same area code being a Michigan native.

Murphy-Bunting responded to the boys, asking them if they had meant to add him to their chat thinking that he was one of their teammates. The group said yes, but they were still very confused. Bunting was amused at their confusion and ended up revealing his identity by taking a selfie of himself in the Bucs locker room. The boys thought they were getting pranked so SMB ended up FaceTiming the group where he handed off the phone to Leonard Fournette who introduced them to some notable players on the Bucs.

"They were shocked,” Fournette told ESPN Wednesday. “I think that’s … to guys in high school, Tom is the figure for them. You know what I mean? Who wouldn’t want to look up to a guy like that?”

One of the players asked Fournette, naturally, where Brady was at. Fournette managed to stretch the conversation on the phone with the boys for 10 minutes, who were just in awe of what was taking place, when Brady pops up on the screen, saying 'What's up Fellas?' Brady describe the experience, saying it was 'sweet' and mentioned how the kids must have felt seeing members of the defending Super Bowl champs.

“That was sweet,” Brady added of the call. “I didn’t know who it was. [Leonard] said, ‘Here’s my boy’ or whatever he said. It was nice. It would have been nice for me when I had been in high school too.”

Whalen said the FaceTime call ended shortly after Brady's appearance, with some final encouraging words from Murphy-Bunting: "Ball out this season!" I'm sure no matter what happens on the court, this moment made the boys' season. As for their teammate, he was added back to their group chat.

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