Nick Chubb says he shouldn’t have scored, Amari Cooper takes blame for not recovering kick in Browns collapse Sunday

BEREA, Ohio (92.3 the Fan) – The Browns are doing all they can to put Sunday’s collapse behind them as they prepare for a quick turnaround Thursday night against the Steelers.

Unfortunately for them, they’re still being asked questions about it because, well, it’s not exactly something that you see every day and even by Browns standards that 31-30 loss to the Jets was one for the ages.

“I was over it until I came up here,” running back Nick Chubb said Tuesday.

Members of the secondary have declined to say who was to blame for multiple catastrophic breakdowns because of a failure to communicate that led to the Jets scoring two touchdowns in 90 seconds to rally from a 30-17 deficit.

Meanwhile Chubb found himself taking the blame Tuesday morning for something that really wasn’t his fault, but because it had become a hot topic on sports talk radio and social media, he felt the need to.

“Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have scored right there, honestly looking back at it,” Chubb, who scored his third touchdown of the game with 1:55 remaining, said. “It cost us the game. A lot of things went wrong, not just one thing. But collectively as a until as a team we could have all done things different, but it’s only a problem because we didn’t win. So I probably should have went down.”

In 2020, Chubb stepped out of bounds after a 59-yard run before scoring to help preserve a 10-7 win over the Texans, but that was because head coach Kevin Stefanski relayed the instruction not to score under any circumstances to the offense.

Stefanski failed to do that Sunday.

Also, it would’ve been tough for Chubb to slam on the brakes at the two, where the first down marker was, because he had just slipped through Jets safety Jamarcus Joyner’s arm tackle inside the five.

“It would have been tough,” Chubb said. “I think the first down marker was at the 1 or 2 and the goal line is right there, too. I probably could have got down. It would have been third and short, third and inches, but it probably could have happened. I could have went out of bounds, but people were behind and they would have pushed me in or something like that. I probably should have just dropped down after I made the cut.”

The argument is that had Chubb went down, the Browns could’ve just run out the clock.

Instead, he scored. Cade York missed the PAT. The Browns kicked off. Then the defense had their heads up their posteriors on the final two posessions because of a lack of communication and football common sense.

But let’s just blame the most team-first guy on the team in Chubb for scoring that touchdown.

Receiver Amari Cooper also threw himself on the sword for failing to recover the onside kick after New York pulled within 30-24 on that 66-yard touchdown with 1:20 remaining.

“It was my play to make, and I didn't make it,” Cooper said.

Cooper acknowledged that he should’ve either grabbed the ball or knocked it out of bounds before the Jets recovered.

“It's a relatively new style of onside kicking the ball now,” Cooper said. “Usually they pop it up in the air and you go grab it, get hit or whatever like that. But it's kind of a new way of teams onside kicking the ball to where you don't really know if it's going to go 10 yards it's moving at an awkward angle, more difficult to locate the ball and make a play on it. Because on one hand you want to get to the ball as fast as possible but on the other hand you don't want to misjudge the ball. So it's just more difficult. But at the end of the day you've gotta make those type of plays.”