Patrick Mahomes opens up about starring in Netflix's 'Quarterback'

By , Audacy Sports

As if Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes weren't already recognizable enough, his Q(B) score may have reached new heights with his prominent role in the recently released Netflix docuseries "Quarterback."

In the eight-episode series, released in July, Mahomes is one of three signal-callers -- along with Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota -- whose life both on and off the field are documented throughout the 2022 season, a campaign that culminated in the Chiefs' second Super Bowl title in four years.

During his weekly appearance on 610 Sports in Kansas City on Monday, the two-time NFL MVP conceded he was a little "nervous" at the outset of filming, but the involvement of a fellow legendary quarterback -- executive producer Peyton Manning -- helped set him at ease.

"It was a cool experience," Mahomes told hosts Carrington Harrison and Sean Levine.

"I was a little nervous in the beginning, but knowing Peyton was the guy running it -- it was his production company -- I knew they were going to do it the right way, and I thought it turned out great."

Mahomes is no stranger to fame, of course -- he is arguably the face of the NFL itself. But seeing himself on-camera in a new and different way took some getting used to.

"Obviously, it's weird for me to watch myself on TV, working out and doing stuff like that, but at the same time I think it'll be cool for my kids to watch as they get older."

It's not just Mahomes himself who was taken aback by his new role. Even his toddler daughter, Sterling Skye, has taken notice.

"She kind of freezes when she sees herself, but she definitely realizes when mom and dad are on TV, so she'll yell out 'Mommy!' or 'Daddy!' It's cool, and I'm glad that we got to document such a great season, where a lot of stuff happened in my family and on the football field, and I'll be able to have that forever."

Mahomes, who turns 28 this month, said he probably won't return to starring in the series anytime soon, but he left the door open to taking part again in the future.

As for the 2023 Chiefs, who are 0-1 after falling to the Lions at home in the NFL regular-season opener on Thursday Night Football, Mahomes said it's all about getting back to work ahead of his team's Week 2 matchup against the Jaguars.

"We've always had urgency of starting fast. That's what Coach Reid really believes in. Obviously it didn't happen in the first game, but we know we have a great opponent that we're going up against now, in Jacksonville, and so we have to find a way to bounce back. It's going to be a great test for us, to see how guys respond after maybe not starting the way we have in the past few years."

In the meantime, Mahomes says he's tuning out the haters and going back to basics with his teammates.

"I think when you've had so much success, people are kind of waiting for you to go down. We know that as a team, and I'll just say it's one loss, but you don't want them to compound, so you go out there and get better on the football field, and all of that stuff kind of goes away.

"Be who we are. If we are who we are, and play hard and do what we do, then we'll have a chance to show everybody who the Chiefs are. And I think that's been the biggest message for everybody: 'Let's get back to what we do, and continue to work hard at it.'"

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today