TikToker takes DNA ancestry test and makes shocking discovery


In a video that has now been viewed 4.2 million times, the user claims she used the money she received for her birthday to order an ancestry DNA test to learn more about her heritage.

She was able to get in touch with family from all over the world. The problem started when Lydia was filling out a profile for the family tree and received information that "no Lydia Ellen with (her) birth date" existed.

Lydia then found old medical records that showed she was 18 months old when she received her first vaccination in July of 1997, when she previously believed she wasn’t born until May of 1998.

The medical recorders indicate that she was born in November of 1995, meaning that this year, Lydia is turning 26, instead of 23.

The new viral video is in response to a growing trend on TikTok, where users use the song “The Greatest Show” from the 2017 film “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack to tell a personal story that begins cheerful and takes a dark turn at the end.

The Tik Toker has turned off her comments for her video, and has promised news outlet Daily Dot for an update on her real age.

The user currently has 63.9K followers on TikTok. On her YouTube channel, the content creator claims that she from Manchester, and is currently studying makeup at Solent University in Southampton, U.K.

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