Woman goes viral for unfortunate pre-pandemic tattoo


There's no masking this one.

A TikTok user responded to a video asking people to identify the "dumbest" tattoo they've ever gotten. While many responses were entertaining, one user's response really took things to a new level.

"So I got this tattoo - I've wanted it for a couple of years - it basically means being, like, true to yourself and real and not pretending to be something your not," TikTok user @wakaflockafloccar explained in the video.

Unfortunately, the user, who appears to go by Leah, got a tattoo on March 4, 2020 - just before the coronavirus pandemic swept the nation and Americans nationwide were advised to wear masks.

The tattoo, which appears on Leah's forearm, reads, "Courageously & radically refuse to wear a mask."

Leah captions the clip with a disclaimer, "I could NOT have had worse timing. P.S. I'm not anti-mask I promise."

The post has now been viewed over 3 million times and has garnered questions from users of the platform wondering if she plans on getting the tattoo removed.

"Are you going to get it removed? Do people think you're an anti-masker? Are you embarrassed by it? I need to know," one user wrote. Leah responded, "I wore long sleeves all last year so no one would see it."

Tattoo removal is not new to some, including Pete Davidson, who just this past year, revealed that he's in the process of removing some of his ink as well.

During a virtual Q&A with the cast of "The King of Staten Island," Davidson revealed that he was "in the process" of removing all of his iconic tattoos. He even flaunted a tattoo-less hand to prove that he was serious.

Figuring "it would be easier to get them burned off," Davidson revealed that he no longer wanted to spend hours in the makeup chair to get his tattoos covered.

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