Courteney Cox makes fun of her ‘Scream 3’ haircut while celebrating Halloween


Courtney Cox made fun of her “Scream 3” haircut while celebrating Halloween.

Over the spooky holiday weekend, the “Friends” actress joked about the super short bangs hairstyle her character Gale Weathers had in the 2000 horror sequel.

On her official Instagram, the 56-year-old actress posted a picture in the spirit of the holiday, featuring a person behind her wearing the film's signature Ghostface mask while holding a pair of scissors up to her hair.

“Not the bangs!!!!!!!!” she captioned the post.

When it comes to joking around about her character, it sure is a tradition for the actress.

In 2019, the actress paid homage to one of the more frightening aspects of the “Scream” franchise -- her severe haircut in the movie.