COVID-19 survivor celebrates 106th birthday: 'We look at this as a miracle from God'


A birthday that only comes once a century.

Priscilla Boyle, a COVID-survivor, turned 106 on Sunday!

The governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, wished Boyle a happy birthday during a press briefing on Tuesday.

According to Hutchinson, she spent one month in the hospital in June after contracting the novel virus.

During the press briefing, she highlighted Boyle’s contributions during her lifetime, which included teaching Sunday school and owning a beauty shop in town.

Boyle has since tested negative for the virus several times.

“I thought that was a good story to start off Thanksgiving and be thankful about her long life and what she means to her family and all those that care about her,” Hutchinson told the public.

Due to COVID restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus, family couldn’t visit Boyle in-person at the facility. Instead, she had a socially distanced celebration, KARK reported.

The centenarian sat outside as her family, including great-nephews and nieces, drove by in decorated cars to celebrate her.

Terri Johnson, Boyle’s great-niece, said Boyle overcame plenty of hardships in her life such as pneumonia, COVID-19, and cancer. She said it’s a testament to her inner strength.

“We look at this as a miracle from God,” Boyle's great-nephew, Garland E. Mormon, said. “And we are very grateful that she has pulled through this.”

Boyle’s family credits kindness, faith, and healthy eating as the reason for her long and enduring life.

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