Man charged after allegedly scamming $1 million from grocery store


A man in Georgia has been charged with scamming a grocery store out of nearly $1 million dollars, and using the money to buy clothes, guns and cars.

Tre Brown, 19, was arrested on January 14 after he allegedly created false returns at the Kroger grocery store where he worked in Duluth, Georgia, Gwinnett County police said in a news release.

The 19-year-old allegedly returned more than 40 fake items to the store, and put the refunds on several credit cards, according to police.

The fake items ranged in value from $75 to over $87,000, local police said. Authorities now believe the man stole more than $980,00 in just over two weeks.

Brown’s criminal scheme was so blatant that it quickly caught the attention of corporate employees from the nationwide grocery store chain.  After noticing the fraudulent transactions, the grocery store employees contacted the authorities.

Brown allegedly purchased two cars with the stolen money, and totaled one just before his arrest, the statement said. Authorities did not release the type or number of weapons Brown allegedly purchased.

While Gwinnett County police were able to return a large portion of the stolen money, Corporal Collin Flynn said they are still calculating the exact amount.

Brown was charged with felony theft and released on bond the same day, according to online jail records.

In a statement to CNN, Kroger says it cannot comment on the ongoing investigation. The outlet was unable to reach Brown for a comment, and it is unclear whether he has an attorney.

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