Want your music on Locals Only?

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Are you in a local band? Is there a local band you love that you want to hear on the radio? Well we've got a show for that! It's called Locals Only and you can hear it every Sunday night from 7pm to 9pm when host Steven Graham (that's me) plays two hours of the best music from the Pacific Northwest.

Submitting music for Locals Only consideration is really easy. Just send an email to localsonly@1077theend.com with a link to stream your music and a little bit of information about the band/artist like where you're from or if you have a show coming up soon that people should know about.

I listen to everything that comes in and if the music is going to make it on the show I will send you an email to let you know. Your band doesn't have to be from Seattle exactly. Locals Only features bands from all over the PNW. So send me an email and maybe you'll hear your music on the show next Sunday.

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