Your cup of coffee is about to get more expensive

Both mother nature and the pandemic are to blame.
coffee beans in a grinder
My beans, don't raise the cost of my beans! Photo credit Gregr

It should come as no surprise that a year with businesses suffering means that the luxuries we love will become more expensive. But coffee prices going up - are you serious?! KING 5 talked to local coffee shop owners who are worried that by the end of 2021 the increased costs will have to be passed down to the consumer.

Just like the drought we're suffering on the west coast, CNBC says that Brazil - one of the world's biggest coffee producers - is experiencing extreme lack of rainfall as well and that's a big problem for coffee production. Additionally, the cost to ship the beans around the world has in some cases more than doubled or tripled.

Next, if you tell me that we're raising the cost of seltzer, I'm gonna lose it. Of course we'll pay for coffee increases because how the crap else are we supposed to get out of bed everyday. In face, we already have been as the cost of coffee has increased by 17% in the last five years - more than inflation. Forget gold, I'm buying beans! <- I have no idea what I'm talking about.