Brian May of Queen Says He Was 'Engulfed' With Depression Over Christmas

The iconic guitarist opens up on Instagram

Brian May is speaking out about the depression he went through over the holidays, writing on Instagram about pulling himself out of feelings that “engulfed” him

Standing in front of a painting gifted to him by Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, the legendary Queen guitarist writes about his own struggles over the past few weeks.

“Most of this Christmas period I haven’t wanted to show my face because my face was grim. There’s something about this time of the year that paralyses me. Depression, hopelessness, fear... I get engulfed,” he wrote. “Is it logical? No. Should I be grateful for my life and therefore NOT depressed? Yes,” he continues. “But none of that makes any difference when you look up and the colours have gone out of the world.”

Even in a bout of depression, May found a path forward, forcing himself to get out and get active to overcome. With plans to go biking and more, Brian put a plan together to get back to “normality.”

“We’ll soon be out of this murky Sargasso Sea,” he concluded.

The message was met with an outpouring of love from fans around the world, sharing their support for May. The “Bohemian Rhapsody” star answered back with a thank you and another tip for coming back from tough days.

“Looking at the comments you lovely folks left on my post about Christmas Season Blues... I was struck by how many of you find it hard to like yourselves - at times... or maybe most of the time,” he wrote. “Well, I’ve been through a lot of this, and I wish I had all the answers. I don’t, but I keep coming back to this magical book - because it DOES give you answers.”

May shared a shot of The Language Of Letting Go by Melody Beattie. “I have no connection with her but it seems to me she had some kind of supernatural help with writing this book - which delivers you a paragraph of challenging yet magically supportive words for every day of the year.”

“If one day you find you don’t like yourself, keep this book on your bedside table for a year! No - It won’t cure all your ills, but you’ll have at least one dependable friend.”

May underwent surgery last month on his leg, as Queen prepares for another tour in 2020, starting in South Korea later this month.

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