Chrissy Metz Says She Cries Just as Much as the Fans Do When She Watches ‘This Is Us’


Country artist and This Is Us star Chrissy Metz joined RADIO.COM's Jared Marshall from KMLE Country to share behind the scenes details about the hit show, how she was discovered as a Country singer, and even surprise us with some wild tricks we didn’t know she could do.

Metz answers the question we’ve all been itching to find out, "will another season of This Is Us be returning anytime soon?" Simply put Metz says “we’ll see.” But as she elaborates more she explains, “there are some scripts written I think… we are just waiting for the go-ahead for safety.”

The series typically returns to set to begin filming after July 4th every year, however, this year production has been halted due to health concerns related to the pandemic.

With time on her hands Chrissy has been able to watch episodes of the hit TV show and reveals that just like fans of the show, she too cries each time she watches an episode. “I read the script, I’m in the script, I shot the show and every time without fail I get on the couch, my best friend and I watch it, and I’m like ‘my god!' Because when the music comes together and I don’t see the other scenes and the way that they edit… I don’t want to say it's perfect, but it’s perfect,” exclaims the actress. She continues, “I cry, for sure I cry.”

Chrissy got her start on This Is Us as an actress, however it wasn’t until the series aired that her talent as a Country music artist was discovered. Chrissy refers to the show as “lightning in a bottle” and tells us that it's more than an honor to be a part of the show, particularly because she gets to sing on the show and because the show has taken her singing career to new heights.

After having learned so much about Metz through the series she does reveal some of the natural quirky tricks that she can do with her voice. Chrissy shows the world that not only can she mimic the sound of a dolphin, but the famed Country artist can impersonate the sound of a baby crying almost flawlessly. “I learned how to make a dolphin noise watching wheel of fortune,” Chrissy laughs.

We love all that Chrissy does and we can’t wait to continue to learn more about the multi-talented artist.

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