‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin spills the details on her upcoming Amazon series ‘Judy Justice’


Order in the court!

Fans have been in love with Judy Sheindlin and her no-nonsense verdicts over the course of 25 years as the star of her titular courtroom series “Judge Judy.”

Earlier this year, the outspoken star revealed she would be winding down the long-running show at the end of its 25th season and launching a new project entitled “Judy Justice.”

The 78-year-old has now spilled the tea on what to expect from the upcoming series.

“My new show is ‘Judy Justice.’ Start date, December. Some details are iffy because COVID makes production cumbersome,” Sheindlin told the New York Post. “It will be on Amazon. Why Amazon? Because they run everything."

According to Deadline, “Judy Justice” will air on Amazon’s free streaming service IMDB-TV.

“We’ll shoot in LA,” Sheindlin added.  “My sense is the audience can take a little more of me, so I’ll deliver 120 episodes."

While viewers can expect to see more of Sheindlin’s directness made popular on “Judge Judy,” there will definitely be some noticeable changes on “Judy Justice.”

“Program, characters, the set, everything will be different. Me, the same. Me always in the middle chair. Governing by committee is not my strong suit,” she continued. “And unless the audience wants to see me in a two-piece bathing suit, I’ll wear a robe. Different color. Maybe eggplant color.”