HOME SCHOOLED: Rachel Platten Says Get Dressed and Be Careful of Big Cat People

The ‘Fight Song’ singer is releasing her first children’s book this week

Rachel Platten is keeping herself busy during this time of social distancing – checking in on her mental health, keeping herself active, and even indulging in Tiger King.

The “Fight Song” singer is just hours away from releasing her first ever children’s book, You Belong, and she is sharing some tips with us as part of our “Home Schooled” series.

“Here’s what I’ve learned over the past couple weeks of being home,” she says, seated at her piano. “This has been hard, but something that’s made it a little bit easier for me is taking my mental health really seriously, and using the tools that I have to make sure that I stay okay throughout the day.”

For Platten that means working out, “even if it’s running around with my daughter and dancing,” she smiles. It also means meditating, and finding time to breathe and check in with yourself.

Rachel also says that getting dressed to start your day has become important, and really, something we should all know by now, be careful of people who own big cats.

“Big cat people. Wow. Yeah, do not mess with big cat people, and do not mess with Carole,” she laughs, referencing the Netflix phenomenon Tiger King and one of its stars, Carole Baskin.

On March 31, You Belong is available everywhere. Inspired by Platten’s own journey through pregnancy and her song of the same name which has touched mother’s around the world, the book talks about the magic of expecting and imaging what the future may hold.

You can get your copy of You Belong here.

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