Disney+ adds 'offensive content' disclaimer to older 'The Muppet Show' episodes


Some older episodes of the popular "The Muppet Show" will be slapped with a disclaimer by Disney+.

The streaming giant will put an "offensive content" disclaimer on some of the episodes from the 1970s. They say the episodes feature "mistreatment of people or cultures." The disclaimer, which pops up on the screen, wants to spark conversation.

Is Disney going too far?

KNX In-Depth spoke to Karen North, director of the Annenberg Program on Online Communities at USC.

She says "The nice thing is they are not trying to cancel The Muppets. They decided to keep the Muppets on the air but to add a little warning that there is something here to be thought about."

She said now children's accounts can't access The Muppets independently - you have to access it through your parents' account.

North says "each side thinks the other side is going too far." She says back then different ethnicities were brought into The Muppets "with the best of intentions trying to raise awareness that there are people who live in different places and have different traditions."

"Looking at it now, we think 'well it is really based on stereotypes' because I think they didn't know back then because we hadn't evolved to the point we have now where we can look back and realize our own lack of perspective," she says.

She says putting the warning up there rather than pulling it is a warning that "there is a discussion to be had there."

Will people have a conversation with their kids based on the disclaimer?

"The vast majority of people will just click and keep watching because they just want to watch The Muppets," North says.

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