Police Shut Down 'Out of Control' Mansion Pool Party

By , 1010 WINS

ALPINE, N.J. (1010 WINS) -- Officials are investigating a large pool party at a New Jersey mansion that was shut down over social distancing violations over the weekend.

Hundreds were seen without masks partying outside the home on Hemlock Drive in Alpine Saturday night, NBC New York reported.

Police shut down the "The Lavish Experience Pool Party" which spilled out onto the street.

According to the report, some were seen passed out on the lawn and one person was taken away in an ambulance.

One woman reportedly took a shuttle bus from Brooklyn to attend the party with friends.

"This is absolutely out of hand. I agree with all of that," a man who identified himself as the host told NBC New York. "This is not how we do things. It got out of control."

Last month, an event called BikiniPalooza was held at the same location.

Gov. Phil Murphy addressed the investigation on Monday. "Based on the description, there was close congregation and not a lot of face covering, if any. If in fact people are busted and there was a promoted party, that's not gonna end well."

Murphy also announced the limit on indoor gatherings would be reduced to 25 percent capacity, citing too many indoor house parties which have led to the COVID-19 transmission rate continued to increase.

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