Tech Gifts for Senior Moms This Mother's Day


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Help mom stay in touch. An aging expert shares some gift advice for Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday.

If your mom has just about everything under the sun, and you’re struggling to come up with ideas for Mothers Day, you can go the wellness route.

Buy her a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, or as aging expert Lisa Cini said, she likes a device called “Kardia."

"And what Kardia is, is an FDA-approved EKG that is about the size of a credit card. And you can put your fingers on that. We know women die of heart attacks more than anything else, and it is very hard to kind of prevent. So how do you know whether you are stressing out or maybe you really have a heart issue. Kardia will tell you," Cini said.

You can also send the information to your doctor. 

If you’re worried about mom falling – there is the Essence Group Fall Detector Radar, or to prevent a fire there is the Stove Safety device from FireAvert.

If you’re trying to teach an older parent some technology in order to keep in touch with the family, teaching it can be difficult.  It’s best to do it in person, and as Cini explains, "break it down into words and language that that person would understand."

Maybe use the term ‘remote control’ or ‘party line.’

Cini said teaching an older parent Zoom and some of the video chat functions could be challenging because "the buttons go away and so, you kind of have to hover over things to get them to show back up. So what I would do is I would pre-do, maybe a screenshot of Zoom with the buttons and put little arrows, and do that in Word, print it off, and hand it to your mom and say 'Step 1, here's how you do it.'"

If you’re looking for a tech gift for Mother’s Day, Cini said a device called “The Loop” is a portable screen to privately and securely send pictures and do live video chats with family and friends.

She also suggests a wearable device called “Hapbee” - a smartphone app that can make you feel happy, calm, or sleepy.

You can log onto for more suggested tech products that help seniors.

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