Michael Vick joins Chiefs training camp as special guest


(610 Sports) – Andy Reid invited a special guest to Chiefs' training camp over the weekend.

On Sunday, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick joined the Chiefs at training camp in St. Joseph. The team shared a pic of Vick alongside Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the team as they broke huddle during practice.

Vick, who started his NFL career in 2000 after being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, spent four years being coached by Reid as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, after joining the organization in 2009. The former Virginia Tech star played 13 years in the NFL, setting the NFL record for the most career rushing yards by a quarterback (6,109).

“I’m a big Michael Vick fan,” Reid said when asked about his visit. “I’ve watched him go through his trials and tribulations and come out on the better end. He’s a great father and husband, he loves the game most of all.”

Vick also joined the Chiefs in training camp in 2017 as a coaching intern, mostly working with the quarterbacks, including working with Mahomes during his rookie season.

This time around, Vick wasn't at training camp to help coach, rather to get a little football fix and share some of his experiences with the team.

“He’s doing what you guys (the media) do, to get a little football fix,” Reid explained. “He was excited about that. And what a great player too, I mean he was a phenomenal player and a big heart— he’s got a great heart to him.”