Parkins would probably fire Bears coach Matt Eberflus if that's what it took to keep play-caller Luke Getsy


(670 The Score) While acknowledging that Bears coach Matt Eberflus has done a “nice job” early in his Chicago tenure and praising him, Score afternoon host Danny Parkins also has an unpopular opinion to share.

If he ran the Bears, he’d probably fire Eberflus as the end of the season if that’s what it took to keep offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, whom he’d promote to head coach in that hypothetical situation.

“It’s been so refreshing to see an offensive play-caller and play designer design the plays around the quarterback that I don’t want that to end,” Parkins said. “And so for the moment, let’s just think about this offseason, let’s assume that wow, Justin Fields is breaking records with the third-most amount of dead cap money in the NFL, no other first-round picks on the offense and he’s scoring 30 points a game with some degree of regularity … that is going to reflect very well on Justin Fields. And Justin Fields is under contract. You know who else it’s going to reflect very well on? Luke Getsy. If he can do that with Justin Fields in that short amount of time with that little talent, what could he do with our first-round pick or our quarterback on a five-year contract? As the head coach and play-caller of the Atlanta Falcons?

“This would never happen, I don’t think that teams do this, but assuming Luke Getsy gets head coaching offers this year, I’d think long and hard about firing Matt Eberflus to retain Luke Getsy. Because the same thought process that I had for the coaching search last year would still apply. That damn man, continuity on the offensive side of the ball is that much more valuable. Is it possible that Fields is system-proof? That he’s so special that he’s (Tom) Brady and he’s fine with a defensive coach or he’s Peyton (Manning) and he can go to four Super Bowls with four different coaches? Yeah, maybe. But a guy I thought was system-proof in Justin Herbert (with the Chargers), maybe they should have not had Anthony Lynn and Brandon Staley and they should’ve paired him with an offensive coach to truly maximize his skill set. Lamar Jackson with Greg Roman as been maximized with the system. Patrick Mahomes has been maximized with Andy Reid.

“You would be running a risk to say, ‘Well, (quarterbacks coach) Andrew Janocko, you’re up. Keep all of the same play calls that worked with Luke Getsy.’ Not saying it wouldn’t work. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t.
Not trying to dismiss the culture that (Matt Eberflus) has established here. It matters. I’m not dismissing it. I’m just not valuing it as much (as others) are valuing it. I’m valuing continuity for the quarterback more than the culture.”

The Bears’ offense has been much improved lately, averaging 31.3 points across the past three games after struggling mightily early in the season. Fields rushed for 178 yards in the Bears’ loss to the Dolphins on Sunday, the most by a quarterback in a regular-season game in NFL history.

Getsy interviewed for the Broncos’ head coach vacancy this past offseason before landing with the Bears. He had previously been the Packers’ quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator.

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