Transition: If Bears' Eddie Jackson was evaluated on film instead of lucrative contract, he'd be benched


(670 The Score) Bears safety Eddie Jackson is the third-highest-paid player on the team by way of average annual value on his current contract.

With that status comes lofty expectations, and Jackson didn’t live up to those in the Bears’ 34-14 loss to the Rams on Sunday night in their season opener. He was one of the worst performers on the field as the Rams carved the Bears up. Jackson inexplicably didn’t touch down Rams receiver Van Jefferson when he had the chance on a long touchdown for Los Angeles in the first quarter, and he also was in the center of a couple Chicago defensive miscommunications.

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Jackson's poor play drew the ire of the 670 hosts in transition Monday morning.

“If you didn’t know the names and the numbers and the histories and the contracts, somebody just watching film of that game would bench Eddie Jackson – would bench him,” 670 midday host Dan Bernstein said. “It’s not acceptable.”

“With due respect, if anybody were doing what you said and I think it’s a really valuable exercise – anybody watching tape of last year would’ve cut Eddie Jackson,” 670 morning host David Haugh responded.

“Yes, David, you’re right,” Bernstein said. “It sounds like an exaggeration, there’s stuff out there, there’s the kind of stuff that you see and a coach in ‘Hard Knocks’ or watching the film in a position room, that they would say, ‘This is the NFL and you can’t do that.’ Things that are just outright truly not, you’re not trying hard enough. And last year, he didn’t try. And he’s picking up right where he left off. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what’s wrong, but you can’t do that. He’s one of the highest-paid safeties in the league, and he