Kevin Stefanski: I promise we will add the right people and put a structure in place for these players to have a chance


The new head coach of the Cleveland Browns, Kevin Stefanski, joined Ken Carman, Anthony Lima and Jason Lloyd to disciss what he plans to bring to the franchise as the team embarks on a new era in Berea.

Coach talked about why he thinks the right people are in Cleveland already for him to have success, if he's bothered that he's labeled an "analytics" coach before he's ever called a play for the Browns, and how he plans to use Baker Mayfield on the field.

Stefanski also touched on how much character of the players matter, how he survived multiple regime changes in Minnesota and what effect that had on him as a coach, and what qualities he's looking for in a GM as the team moves forward with that search.

Coach added his thoughts on how the ownership groups compare between Cleveland and Minnesota, what he learned as a play caller with the Vikings, who will be calling the plays for the Browns when the season rolls around in September, and if he wants everyone here in Berea when OTAs happen this spring/summer.