Browns carry over $30.4 million in unused cap space to 2021, most in NFL


CLEVELAND, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – The Cleveland Browns will carry forward $30.4 million in unused cap space from 2020 to 2021 according to figures published Thursday by the NFLPA.

It is the most money carried over in the league according to the league’s players association meaning executive vice president of football operations and general manager Andrew Berry will have even more flexibility this offseason.

The Jets will carry forward the second-most space – $26.7 million. Dallas ($25.4 million), Jacksonville ($23.5 million) and Philadelphia $22.8 million are the other remaining teams that topped $20 million in unused room.

Around the AFC North, the Bengals pull forward $10.8 million, the Steelers $5 million and the Ravens just $587,000.

A total of 10 teams will push forward at least $10 million in unused cap space.

Earlier on Thursday the NFL sent a memo to teams informing them that the salary cap floor has been raised from $175 million to $180 million.

The actual salary cap figure for 2021 is still being calculated but Cleveland’s top-51 commitments are between $185 and $188 million for 2021. projects the Browns to have $21.556 million in room with the carryover and listed the Browns with $24.7 million in estimated room assuming the salary cap floor remains at $180 million.