Defense making plays late becoming commonplace in Falcons victories


The Falcons won another one-possession game yesterday when they beat the Chicago Bears, four of the teams five victories this season have been by just one score (beat SF by 14 points).

Atlanta Falcons Analyst Dave Archer explained what he's noticing in a few of the Falcons close wins that is becoming a positive trend.

"Anytime you do something a couple times, it becomes something you feel like you believe in," says Archer. "To be able to put pressure on Fields was significant. It was fun to see the defense make some of those plays.

It's certainly not just concidence either, in three of the team's 5 wins the defense had to make a play at the end and they did. In another win, it wasn't a one-possession game (49ers), and the other game the defense held the Panthers to a missed FG in OT.

Against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3, with the Falcons leading 27-23, Grady Jarrett sacked Geno Smith on 3rd down and a 4th down pass was intercepted by Richie Grant.

The very next week (Week 4) against the Cleveland Browns leading 23-20 Grady Jarrett sacked Jacoby Brissett on 2nd down followed by a 3rd down interception from Dee Alford.

Yesterday against the Chicago Bears, although there wasn’t a sack preceding an interception, the pocket closing in on Justin Fields led to an overthrow and Jaylinn Hawkins ending the Bears final possession

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