Do the Falcons need another wide receiver?


The Atlanta Falcons could only put off the inevitable for so long. As they are set to go into mandatory mini-camp, the Falcons were able to find a suitor for Julio Jones.

They traded Jones to the Tennessee Titans for a 2022 second round draft, and a 2023 fourth round draft pick. The Falcons agreed to send back 2023 sixth round pick to the Titans.

Michael Rothstein, of ESPN, joined the Jon Chuckery show to give some insight into whether or not the Falcons need to add another wide receiver now that they no longer have Julio Jones. "You don't necessarily need that because you have Calvin Ridley" Rothstein said.  It’s no secret that Calvin Ridley has the capabilities to be a number one wide receiver for the Falcons. With Jones missing nine games last season, it’s not hard to imagine Ridley being able to settle into that role.

The interesting thing about the trade is that the Falcons have enough money now to sign their draft class. If they somehow have enough money to add a veteran to their roster, it doesn’t seem likely that it would be a pass-catcher.