Kyle Pitts 'has been targeted a lot,' was primary receiver on 13 plays vs Rams


Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith joined Dukes & Bell for his weekly segment on the show and talked about how Kyle Pitts usage is not what many are making it out to be and why despite the lack of production is he still impacting games?

When asked about Kyle Pitts only having four catches through two games.

“He’s a terrific player and those are valid questions, obviously he’s had a lot of success for us last year so those are valid questions,” Smith said. “The truth of the matter is he has been targeted a lot, when you’re trying to give context, you try to force something into that bad look well that’s not very smart on our part. It’s probably opened a lot of things for Drake, I was trying to give the example on one of those critical drives late where you call a play for him and they kinda funnel him in, well here comes Khaderal Hodge open.
Marcus is gonna make the right decision there, you try to force it to Kyle it’s probably an incompletion or worse.”

Smith talked the impact Pitts has had on games despite lack of production.

“Now having said that as well there are other things we can do and we will, we will continue to evolve. Just because you’re the primary thirteen times, obviously he hasn’t gotten the touches and that’s my job is to continue to evolve and also understanding there is a game plan. There’s certain things we were trying to contain on the Saints front and it’s give and take there and that’s why I said he had a huge impact on the game. He had the first third game last week against LA and the way the game went, obviously we can do a better job starting with me to use him differently. He’s had an enormous impact in two weeks, it’s opened up things for other people but certainly we’re a play or two short and we’re sitting here at 0-2 but we’ll continue to push it and I’ll do a better job to make sure I move him around more.”