Open competition at Inside linebacker says, Atlanta Falcons HC Arthur Smith


Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith joined Dukes & Bell live in studio, Coach talked about the inside linebacker position and how second round draft pick Troy Andersen will have a chance to be a start in rookie season.

When asked where the team would play Troy Andersen.

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Open competition at Inside linebacker position says, Atlanta Falcons HC Arthur Smith
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“He’s going to be an inside linebacker for us, and that’s the thing same thing you’ll see a little bit out Avery Williams, we’ll use Avery in different spots this year, there’s only so much they can handle as rookies,” Smith said. “We’ll work Troy as inside linebacker, whether he plays MIC or WILL, we’ll see how that shakes out, all those jobs inside are wide open. Don’t pencil anybody in at inside linebacker, they’ll all have a chance to compete.”

Smith talked about the candidates to start at inside linebacker.

“We’re excited about Rashaan Evans, we’re excited to see what Mykal Walker does, he looked good in the role when he had to play. And then Troy, same thing, whether he’s playing on first or second down he needs to at least help us on fourth down.”