Playing as a cohesive unit led to 5-game win streak, so why Hawks can't do that every game?


The Atlanta Hawks fought all year to get above .500 and a 5-game winning streak finally got them there last weekend.

Since the five-game win streak has ended the Hawks have lost a pair of games back-to-back, and Atlanta Hawks General Manager Landry Fields joined John and Hugh and discussed how the Hawks can play more regularly like they did during that recent uptick in performance.

"Gotta have guys that lock in with one another, communicating, and understand what was making us really good," says Landry Fields. "Guys were connected, playing good smart basketball, we gotta get back to being connected on the court.

The Hawks have a chance to turn things around on Wednesday night in Oklahoma City, but a tough stretch follows with 5 of the next 6 games being played on the road.

To listen to the entire interview with Landry Fields, press play below:

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