"Braves country fortunate" with promising youth

Andy and Randy talk with Kelly Crull about promising Braves youth

As the Braves have turned things around here in the month of June, winning 15 of their last 17 of their last 19 games, fans have gotten their excitement back as the defending World Series champs look to be defending their title in a way that is many believed they should have been all along.
From the bats coming alive to solid performances on the mound, the Braves have found a way to bring everything together and it could not have come at a better time.

On Wednesday, the Midday Show with Andy and Randy, Bally’s Sports’ Kelly Crull joined Andy and Randy to talk Braves baseball and although the team has been a bit up and down the past few games since having their 14 game win streak snapped, the three began discussing the most pleasant surprise from the younger Braves players to which Crull pointed out that she would have to say Michael Harris and Spencer Strider. However, Crull would continue to tell the guys that ultimately “Braves country is fortunate” because across the board, the Braves roster is really a young one.

“Really, you look across the board, they’re all still young right,” Crull told Andy and Randy as she pointed out how Dansby Swanson considers himself the “old guy” of the team jokingly. However, to Crull’s point, when you look at the Braves youth and how they seem to pulling things together, Atlanta fans could be in for a treat in the years to come. Clicklink above to hear more: