Kirby Smart "excited" to work with new talent on the team.

Replacing a historic defense is no easy task, but Kirby Smart believes UGA has the pieces to do so.

Kirby Smart was opened to a line of questioning at Thursday's opening day presser. Most of those questions revolved around what this team will look like after seeing some many key players leave for the draft.

The Bulldogs made history in the draft with five defensive players taken in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The coach's response, "We got a lot of good players to replace, but we got a lot of good guys to replace them with."

Smart went on to say that, "the guys are ready to grind," making note of younger players like Malaki Starks, Miles Thornton, Smael Mondon Jr, and many more. He stated multiple times how "excited" he was to see these young players grow in their new roles and taking the next steps forward.

Coach also touched on making sure the guys that are returning are remaining hungry and denied the notion that there is any sort of complacency with the program after winning a National Title.

When asked about the offense Smart replied, "With your quarterback coming back, a lot of skill positions, a lot of offensive line coming back, there is not going to be a ton of changes...We are going to challenge those guys to embrace the thought of doing more and embrace being better at their execution."

UGA seems more than ready and equipped to replace those lost snaps on the defensive and offensive side of the ball. Now the only question is can they replace one of the great UGA Punters, Jake Camarda, who was selected in the fourth round of the draft.