One out of every three animals, plants at risk of extinction

Florida's Everglades are just one of America's ecosystems at risk of collapse, according to a new study. Photo credit Aaron Arror/Getty Images

The grand plot of land dubbed the United States of America and many of the species that populate it could be at a tipping point.

In a new analysis released Monday by nonprofit NatureServe, scientists revealed that more than a third of all the nations animals and plants can be considered at risk of extinction.

The research, conducted by analyzing 50 years’ worth of data, also showed that 40% of the nation’s ecosystems are at risk of collapsing. Concurrently, 40% of the 107 native forests in America are also at risk of collapsing.

That risk of collapse means that 34% of plants and 40% of animals living in America are also at risk.

The plant life most at risk includes 20% of all grasses, 200 different species of trees and almost half of all cacti.

The most threatened animal species reside in freshwater habitats. They include amphibians, crayfish, mussels and snails.

America’s tropical ecosystems are in the most danger, with fully 100% of them currently ranked at the highest threat level.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Aaron Arror/Getty Images