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Headlines Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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6 am Headlines

The "Batgirl’ movie gets ‘shelved’ by Warner Bros.
despite $70M price tag.

That means it won’t hit theaters or the streaming service HBO Max and fans will not see it.

A family farm near Foley, MN is home to the world’s largest corn maze.

A 110-acre maze with 32 miles of pathways. Within that maze, there are four different mazes. There’s an easy maze, a hard maze and then two extreme mazes.

A Halloween villain-themed maze.

7 am Headlines

Jake Gyllenhaal will star in a remake of "Road House", which is being produced to stream on Amazon Prime. The original came out in 1989 and starred Patrick Swayze as a bouncer, who has to clean up a rowdy bar.

Ann Dowd has joined the first film in the planned The Exorcist trilogy from Blumhouse, Universal, and Morgan Creek Productions.

Have you heard of the term "quiet quitting" yet? It's when you stay at your job, but stop going above and beyond and just do the bare minimum.

9 am Headlines

It's so hot, that people are strapping portable fans to their cats and dogs.  A company in Japan is selling vests for cats and dogs with a built-in fan to keep them cool on hot days.

Pollstar released a list of the top touring artists worldwide since the 1980s, based on ticket sales.  The Top Three are:  U2, Dave Matthews Band, and The Rolling Stones.

After 329 Years, a 'Witch' is found not guilty of witchcraft. Elizabeth Johnson Jr. was convicted in the Salem Witch trials. The last of those wrongly convicted during the Salem Witch Trials has been cleared 329 years later thanks to the hard work of a Massachusetts teacher and her eighth-grade students. They pushed to have Elizabeth Johnson Jr. exonerated of witchcraft. Johnson faced allegations along with many of her extended family members.

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