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Headlines For Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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6 am Headlines

A dog in England almost died on Monday after eating a random meth head's poop. A dog walker named Chris Johnson in South London posted about it on Facebook. He said that when a client's "large breed dog" was walking near a lake, the dog came across some feces and decided to sample the goods, as dogs do. The client said their dog got really sick that night, and had to go to the vet.

"Magic Mike's Last Dance" will not have nudity, not even a thong. The director wanted to show the sexiness of emotion and vulnerability instead.

7 am Headlines

Scientists from Penn State University have created a "smart diaper" with a built-in sensor that's able to send parents a push notification on their phone when their child's diaper needs to be changed.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been linked to a 19-year-old model named Eden Polani but a source tells TMZ that they're not together. Leo is 48, so that's a 29-year age difference.

9 am Headlines

A microbiologist just wrote a big article on hotel Jacuzzis, and why they're gross.  Basically, bacteria and viruses love the temperature people don't practice good hygiene and hot tubs at hotels don't get cleaned enough.  She also says there's definitely some poop in there.

Tinder announced some new features, and one is that they will allow you to block someone's profile. Previously, you could only do this AFTER "matching" with someone. So it's a good way to avoid an ex, or your boss.

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