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Headlines For Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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6 am Headlines

A woman in Australia is going viral after she hollowed out a loaf of bread to sneak a bottle of wine into a concert.  The venue allowed people to bring their own food, but not alcohol.

Reeves only says 380 words in "John Wick: Chapter 4".  The director says, quote, "Mr. Reeves stripped out roughly half the dialogue written for his character in the initial script."

Christina Aguilera joins Playground lube: ‘Always loved talking about sex’ Christina Aguilera became the latest celebrity to back a sexual wellness brand.

7 am Headlines

A new dating poll found it's a great time to be short, bald, and single.  A third of people currently looking for a man said that being bald and under 5-foot-7 would have no impact on their decision to date them.  Overall, 63% of singles said personality is more important than looks.

Lionel Richie made a confession yesterday on "The View". He said, quote, "When I wrote 'All Night Long', it was truly all night long. Now my 'all night long' is down to a fierce 15 minutes."

9 am Headlines

A parenting expert says there's one phrase every parent should say to their kid, especially young kids.  Tell them you know that "it can be really hard to be a kid."  It shows them you see things from their perspective, and you're on their side.  It might even help with behavioral issues.

Nearly half of single people receive unsolicited nudes, get ghosted: poll

Doctors warn against 'beezin'' trend as people apply lip balm to eyelids: Why it's dangerous

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