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Headlines For Wednesday, May 24, 2023
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6 am Headlines

A 64-year-old man in Kentucky freaked out on his roommate last weekend, after noticing that the roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket. He was so mad that he shot the guy in the butt. The roommate will be okay.

7 am Headlines

A man who was living with the decomposing corpse of his mother in Germany has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder after spraying police at his apartment door with a flammable liquid and setting them on fire.

9 am Headlines

Mike Tyson says Jamie Foxx had a stroke.

Kate Middleton met with a bunch of kids and drew pictures for them instead of giving them her autograph.  Turns out the Royal Family can't sign autographs, because then people could forge their signatures.

82% of people admit they have forgotten their anniversary at some point in a relationship.  And 68% of people would consider breaking up with a significant other if they forgot an anniversary.

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