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Headlines For Tuesday, November 22, 2022
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6 am Headlines

What's the maximum amount of time you can stay in someone's home as a guest before it gets annoying?  Four days, according to a new poll.

7 am Headlines

Reality stars Todd and Julie Chrisley have been sentenced in their bank fraud and tax evasion case.  Todd will do 12 years, and Julie will spend seven years behind bars.  Also, their son Grayson was injured in a car accident.

Sinbad is learning how to walk again, since suffering a stroke two years ago. His family gave an update and said he's made a significant recovery like his limbs coming back to life, but he still has a ways to go in therapy.

9 am Headlines

Woody Harrelson Recalls Drinking Cobra Blood in Thailand with Michael J. Fox: 'Mike Promptly Vomited'

A hot dog vendor was stabbed in a San Diego turf war with another hot dog vendor on Saturday night.  A 21-year-old was arrested, while the victim was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Cops in Florida had to shoot a guy who had an AR-15 after he threw seven Molotov cocktails at a house on Sunday.  He survived but one shot hit him in the groin.  And the sheriff was no-nonsense while describing the injury.  Quote, "We've changed the looks of his groin forever."

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