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Headlines For Thursday, September 29, 2022
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6 am Headlines

Rapper Coolio was found dead yesterday on the bathroom floor of his friend's house.  The cause is still unknown.  He was 59 years old.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwestern Florida yesterday afternoon. It's listed as a Category Four, with 150-mile-per-hour winds.

7 am Headlines

The average adult spends just over 10 years of their life on 'autopilot.'

It's National Coffee Day, and a few chains have free coffee deals, including Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme.  Starbucks doesn't this year though.

There's a new Peacock documentary about how much hate Barney the dinosaur inspired. It's called "I Love You, You Hate Me", and in it, people who played Barney reveal they received death threats.

9 am Headlines

A new poll found the average American will feel "hangry" 21,305 times in their life.  74% said it happens at least five times a week.  Here are ten of the top places and situations you're most likely to feel hangry.

In an interview yesterday, Hailey Bieber said she and Justin aren't into threesomes.  She also denied that she stole Justin from Selena Gomez, saying she was never with him when they were together.

A trailer filled with hundreds of pounds of bat droppings stolen from Lincoln business.

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