Former Steeler Chad Brown Says Antonio Brown Isn't Doing Himself Any Favors

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Former Steelers linebacker Chad Brown said During Super Bowl week on Twitter about current Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown “For real AB? You look and sound too high to be in public….”

For real AB? You look and sound too high to be in public....

— Chad Brown (@chadbrown94) February 1, 2019

Brown told The PM Team Thursday afternoon while going to the Super Bowl and enjoying yourself isn’t something new, Brown says AB made a mistake being on camera.

“The fact that you allow yourself in that moment to be in front of a camera again, defiantly not giving himself the best change for success to look like a guy who wants to be a Steeler in the future or wants to play for anybody in the future, just wasn’t a good look at all and very unfortunate,” said Brown.

Brown says that AB continues to do things that hurt his image.

“I see a guy who is not doing the things personally to allow him to be perceived in a positive light either from his teammates, from the public or from the rest of the league.”

Brown played under former Steelers Bill Cowher and was asked if he would’ve tolerated AB the same way current coach Mike Tomlin seems to.

Brown says that Cowher would give certain players an “extended grace we’ll call it and that was warranted by how well you played on Sunday.”

The difference is how the other players start to perceive it.

“The perception amongst the rest of the team is that it still has to be fair and the reports that I’ve read are true about not coming to team meetings and showing up late repeatedly and all that, that does become a distraction and it does create an impression in the locker room that not only are you a favorite but now the treatment of me is unfair because you come down on me for each little mistake that I make but these guy over here gets to do whatever he wants,” said Brown. “So it’s a very fine line when you’re dealing with those type(s) of personalities.”

Listen to the whole interview with former Steeler Chad Brown below.

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