Linebacker TJ Watt: Steelers Will 'Adapt' And 'Adjust' Without Fans


PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Maybe you've caught an episode or two of "Ultimate Tag" of FOX, featuring all three Watt brothers, as contestants running through various indoor obstacle courses while professional taggers attempt to catch them.

Despit his involvement in the show, TJ Watt is still as hyper-focused on another football season as he normally would. He told The Fan Morning Show Wednesday that it won't matter much if fans are in the stands or not this upcoming season, he and his teammates will be the same. 

I mean, what if "Renegade" has to be played without fans there to enjoy it?  

"It'll be ridiculous but it doesn't matter the circumstances, man. If football is being played, we're going to be out there and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be flying around, I guarantee you that.

I've briefly thought about it, but not too much (playing without fans).Me? I'm just getting prepared to play football. It doesn't matter if there are fans in the stands or if they're not, obviously it's going to be an adjustment period for all of us. I would love to have fans there, but if they're not there because of safety, safety always comes first when it comes to the players and to the fans so, we're just going to have to adjust and adapt and play as best as we possibly can with the circumstances that we're dealt."