Crosby continues to be the best human on earth


There is a story circulating on the internet that once again shows Sidney Crosby is a better human than hockey player, if that’s possible.

The post comes second hand from a person who says their friend met Crosby while on vacation in the Bahamas.

The person says their “good” friend noticed Crosby having lunch with his girlfriend and another couple at a restaurant.

While the person was “too shy” to say anything to the Penguins Captain, his daughter was not.

“She marched over to the Captain and told him she was a big fan and asked if she could get a photo with him,” the post reads.

Crosby “quickly” said yes and took a picture with the family and even spent some time talking “about Pittsburgh and about hockey” with the family of season-ticket holders.

The person says that Crosby even picked up the tab for the family without them knowing.

“I mean, seriously, who does that? What other superstar athlete treats people like that? I know he’s a phenomenal hockey player, but even if he wasn’t, what an incredible job his parents did in raising that kid,” the post says.

The person writing the story also says the interaction happened earlier this week.

The Penguins have a lot more downtime for the first time in over 15 season, with Pittsburgh failing to make the playoffs.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports