Tomlin all business with fan, 'Man, I'm f***ing working'

Don't bother the Steelers coach during the game

One Steelers fan learned that when Mike Tomlin is in the middle of a football game, you don’t disturb him.

A man named Fernando Perez on Twitter posted a video he took of Tomlin walking down a hallway during half time.

“Coach Tomlin, let’s go for the win man,” Perez said to the Steelers head coach with a thumbs up.

Tomlin wasn’t having any of it responding, “Man, I’m f***ing working.”

The camera goes back to Perez who has a surprised look on his face.

Perez’s post on Twitter said, Isn’t halftime technically a break from work?”

Asked by another user how he was able to get to that part of the stadium and how he felt about Tomlin’s response, Perez said, “Fan with a ticket, our suite was next to the player’s walkway. I thought it was funny. He was in the zone and didn’t feel like talking; no hurt feelings.”

A video posted after the game was over showed Tomlin was a little more receptive to the crowd saying, “Appreciate ya’ll,” as he walked off the field with defensive captain Cam Heyward.

Guess whenever “he’s in a hot kitchen” Tomlin doesn’t have time for pleasantries.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports