Trubisky backs Canada, wants to ‘block out noise’

Steelers QB says team's issues fall on players' shoulders, not OC's

Mitch Trubisky didn’t entirely fall on his sword Wednesday, but he definitely leaned into it pretty hard.

Trubisky, the quarterback of the Steelers’ underperforming offense, defended the team’s scheme, as well as offensive coordinator Matt Canada, who has been often criticized throughout the team’s 1-2 start to the season.

“You got to keep the blinders on, got to block out the noise, continue to stay focused on task at hand and just focus on what we're doing in here,” said Trubisky. “Focus on the guys and just continue to get better and pull together.

“We've got a bunch of great players, we've got a bunch of great calls. Matt has been calling good games. He's been putting us in good spots. You just got to go make out the plays for him and for this offense.”

There’s certainly been noise, but much of it has come from within. At least five offensive starters have publicly questioned the team’s concepts or play calling over the last two weeks, including Trubisky himself.

"I think that's going to happen when you're not scoring as many points as people think you should,” Trubisky said. “But we went back and looked at the film. We talked through it as an offense, as players and as coaches, and the plays are on film. So before you start pointing fingers, you've got to look at yourself, see what you can do better.”

The offense, at this point, is on pace to be one of the worst in team history. It has produced four touchdowns in three games, is tracking towards having the worst time of possession since 1999, and Trubsiky’s 5.5 yards per pass attempt would be the NFL’s worst in a decade if the season ended today.

“I don't think it's a specific issue,” he said. “I think we're still a young group and we're still molding and coming together. I think it's communication. I think it's just being detailed in our work. So whether it's we're not seeing something that's happening in practice, translating to the game, or we're just not making the plays in the game, you obviously got to make them on Sunday.”

Thursday, in Pittsburgh’s 29-17 loss in Cleveland, the offense showed some life in the first half, scoring a pair of touchdowns, using tempo to catch Cleveland off balance, and even stretching the field.

But, in the second half, the Steelers scored just three points and racked up 101 yards — with 63 coming on the team’s penultimate offensive drive when Cleveland was playing prevent defense.

Trubisky, however, has no issue with the way the team adapted as the game unfolded.

“We're making good adjustments first half to second half, we just got to we just got to go out and make it happen,” Trubisky said. “So I think it's continued to be detailed, have great practices, and just everybody focus on doing their job.”

The Steelers welcome the Jets to Acrisure Stadium Sunday. It’s a New York defense that has surrendered 27 points per game, the sixth-worst mark in the NFL. In other words, it’s a perfect chance to get finally get the stumbling offense on track.

“Let’s go,” Trubisky said. “Let’s pick up on the details and continue to stay motivated. We’re closer. We’re closer. We’re not where we want to be, but we need to continue to put the work in, continue to be detailed and just continue to pull together and hopefully we'll get better results than what we've had.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeff Lange-USA TODAY NETWORK