MLB writer 'deeply regrets' claims that Yankees, Beltre, Utley all cheated

By , Audacy Sports

Spaeder posted an apology tweet on Thursday afternoon, saying that he is deeply regretful for making "unfounded allegations" against the players mentioned in his thread.

Another year, another baseball cheating scandal. The one that we're currently going through isn't as "scandalous" as others, per se, and didn't require a massive investigation in order to uncover the deep, dark secrets of an organization and the types of illicit practices going on. No, this one was hiding in plain sight, with pitchers using foreign substances that were especially sticky, in some cases, and allowed them to gain an edge over batters. MLB cracked down on it quickly — perhaps too quickly — and players will be punished going forward.

So maybe that's why we're talking about the scandals of years past again, and this time it goes deeper than just the notorious Astros' sign-stealing scandal that caused an uproar throughout the MLB community. Thanks to a new series of damning reports from MLB writer Ryan Spaeder — some of which weren't necessarily revealing new or surprising information, though some were — we have a whole lot more fodder to fuel our discussions about the integrity of baseball.