Fan producer goes on ghost hunting adventure and a demon crawls in his head

Nicholas Callas says spirits were swearing at him
Nicholas Callas
Nicholas Callas with a demon inside him Photo credit Ghost Quest

Halloween may be in our rearview mirror, but one Fan producer’s story is sending shivers up our spine.

Nicholas “Harry” Callas was helping a local ghost hunter named Bo Conrad, host of "Ghost Quest", at a West Virginia slaughter house.

Callas says he believes in ghosts and it was confirmed to him after a ghost or some sort of other spirit started cursing at him.

“It was saying some swear words and in more aggressive terms was telling us to get out and get away,” said Callas.

He also said he had an uneasy feeling as Conrad and his team filmed using equipment that tracks the electromagnetic field.

A freshman in college, Conrad says he was inspired by the show “Ghost Hungers.”

It got even creepier from there for “Harry”.

Conrad said the possible demon climbed onto Callas and went into his head.

Callas said he warmed up after getting back to the car but was feeling cold right after the incident.

Callas said he felt better after eating a burrito.

Conrad is an up and coming entrepreneur and hopes to have his on show on cable TV someday.

For now, you can check him and his adventures out on his YouTube page.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ghost Quest