'No dice!' Donny Football shows off play-by-play skills

Is there anything the Football Guy can't do?

Donny Football has quickly become a young Pittsburgh legend.

He’s a football guy. He’s a beer guy. He’s a wing guy.

But he’s also showing he chops on play-by-play.

Donny called the matchup between his alma mater Waynesburg University and Bethany College over the weekend.

Guard Troy Hixson hit a late three-pointer for Bethany to give them the lead and win over Waynesburg and it was Donny that captured the excitement of the moment.

Waynesburg put up a three of its own to try to win it themselves but “no dice” as Donny announced to end the game.

The PAC Sports Network, which provides coverage of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference in Division III College sports said in a tweet they’re happy to have Donny.

And don’t forget Donny is going on a tour to find Pittsburgh’s best wings with his new segment “Wing It.” Stay up-to-date on our social media pages for Donny’s adventures.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Austin Zurik