Deborah interviews Brandon Victor Dixon & Rachael Worby!

Quincy Jones’ birthday is coming up soon…it’s his 90th, so you know it will be a legendary one. As part of the festivities to honor Quincy, a two night concert is planned for March 2nd and 3rd by MUSE/IQUE conducted by Rachael Worby, downtown at the Biltmore Bowl at the Biltmore Hotel.

MUSE/IQUE is a nonprofit organization that puts on concerts in places where art doesn’t usually take place, and gives audiences live,  musical adventures that are non traditional and unexpected.

Joining us today is actor/singer Brandon Victor Dixon, a Grammy and Tony nominated actor, Oxford trained,  whom you might also recognize as Terry Silver in the Starz series “POWER”…he’s appeared in concert with Jennifer Hudson, Wynton Marsalis, Chita Rivera, Liza Minnelli and many others, and Rachael Worby, Founder and Artistic Director of Muse/IQUE.

Rachael Worby, Founder and Artistic Director of Muse/IQUE
Rachael Worby in action! Photo credit Muse/IQUE
Featured Image Photo Credit: Muse/IQUE