Frankie Grande on Ariana Grande's New Boyfriend, 'We're All Family'

Frankie and Ariana just want each other to be happy

Last week Ariana Grande made her relationship with Dalton Gomez Instagram official and fans couldn't have been more excited. However, nothing beats the love that Broadway star and supportive brother, Frankie Grande has shared for his sister's new relationship.

During his interview with AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon on CHANNEL Q's The Morning Beat, Frankie explains that all he and his sister want for each other is happiness. The iconic YouTuber sweetly shares, "we're family, we always are family." Grande continues, "I think that for both of us we're always the most interested in each other's happiness. So it's like 'are you happy? Good! Great, how can I support that?''s just unconditional love and unconditional support, and that's kind of the way we've always been with each other."

Frankie and his boyfriend, Hale Leon, have been together for a little over a year. The Big Brother star shares that he and the entire Grande family work together to ensure that there is an outpouring of support when it comes to navigating relationships. "My mother is the same way and my grandmother is the exact same way. My grandmother is super feisty and will be like, 'are you sure you're making the right decision over there?' And I'm like, 'Nona there's no such thing as being sure, but what I can say is I'm happy.'"

You can watch the full interview with Frankie Grande below.


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