Dina's Dirt for August 10, 2022


Bravo debuted a first look at their new show, “Real Girlfriends in Paris” on Monday, and the show looks a bit like a “Real Housewives Junior.” The show follows six young American women in Paris who have all relocated to the city to start their adult lives. According to the network, the episodes will see the women navigate careers and romance, along with a bit of conflict, of course. The show is set to premiere on Monday, September 5th at 9:15 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo, then streaming on Peacock the next day.

“Brand Eating” says the sequel to the movie ''Hocus Pocus'' will start streaming on Disney+ on September 30th. Kellogg's is celebrating the new movie with a new cereal called ''Hocus Pocus 2''. It has mixed berry flavors in star shaped pieces.

Whoopi Goldberg's granddaughter, Amara Sky Dean, was on the ABC reality TV show "Claim to Fame" last night. She revealed that Whoopi, the late Robin Williams, and Billy Crystal once had a tooting competition in an elevator.  "My favorite story that my grandma has told me about her, Robin Williams, and Billy Crystal standing in an elevator, and Robin Williams was just farting his life away,” she explained. “I guess they were Dutch Oven-ing each other, just basking in the ambiance of farts. And my grandma got her name because she likes to fart a lot, so … whoopie cushion, farts. And that’s how Caryn Johnson became Whoopi Goldberg.”


“Entertainment Tonight” says Australia is honoring Olivia Newton-John with a state funeral. Australia's Premier, Daniel Andrews, says, “She took her cancer journey and used that to save lives and change lives, and that’s just a deeply impressive thing. The research that’s done there [at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre], the treatment, the care, the love and support that is central to that place is a lasting legacy to the person that she was.”

“The Daily Mail” says Joe Exotic is working on a Presidential pardon with members of the TV show ''90 Day Fiance''. The show's star, Jesse Meester, is trying to help him get Joe Biden to sign a pardon before November. Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison for hiring a hit man to kill Carole Baskin

“TMZ.com” said that Shawn Mendes is spending time doing the simple things in life, along with some therapy, to regain his life balance. They talked to Shawn Tuesday at LAX and asked how he was spending his time after opening up about some mental health struggles, which ultimately caused him to cancel his world tour. Shawn said he's doing what most of us like to do ... spending time with friends and family, going to dinner with pals -- things like that.


Several years later, Drake is still in his feelings about his dad’s tattoo portrait of him. According to “People.com,” the superstar rapper’s dad, Dennis Graham, permanently inked Drake’s face on his arm back in 2017. Mike the tattoo artist claims everyone in the fam was actually diggin' the art -- including Dennis -- but once Drake saw the tat everything changed. He claims Dennis was in pain at the 4-hour mark, and rushed Mike to finish the job. The tattoo artist who was put on blast by Drake over his dad's tattoo says it wasn't his fault the final product was far from perfect ... and it was straight-up disrespectful to get other artists to fix it.

“Pagesix.com” reports that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez — who eloped in Las Vegas on July 16 — were seen packing on the PDA Tuesday after making a pit stop at a Dunkin’ in Santa Monica, Calif. The newlyweds decided to grab lunch with their kids at Huckleberry Café before going their separate ways to run errands. Following their lunch, they stopped to grab a few treats from Dunkin’ before going their separate ways. Affleck, 49, sported a green “Believe in Boston” T-shirt paired with blue jeans. The actor, who has always had an affinity for Dunkin’, could be holding on to a bag of treats while inside the store. Lopez, on the other hand, rocked an all-black outfit ready for the gym. The singer, 53, also held on to a bag of her own. The “Batman” actor became synonymous with Dunkin’ after several memes circulated of the actor enjoying their coffee.

“Newsweek” says that Sesame Place is putting diversity, equity, and inclusion in place for its employees after a video showed a character ignoring black children during a parade at the theme park. The Philadelphia area park announced yesterday they’re launching a comprehensive racial equity assessment, the development and implementation of an anti-bias training and education program, and enhancements to ensure a best-in-class diversity, equity, and inclusion program. By the end of next month, all staffers will go through intensive training and education program designed to address bias, promote inclusion, prevent discrimination, and ensure all guests and employees feel safe and welcome. It’ll be part of all new hire training as well.