Dina's Dirt for February 1, 2023

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TikTok star Charli D’Amelio will be hosting the 2023 Kids’ Choice Awards, and she said she’s looking forward to “seeing some intense slimings,” particularly her family, which she said would be “a dream come true.”  After winning two Kids’ Choice awards in 2022 - Favorite Female Social Star and Favorite Female Creator) – she’s not only hosting but she’s also nominated for Favorite Female creator again. As far as other nominations, Taylor Swift leads all music nominees with five nominations. Even her cat scored a nom for "Favorite Celebrity Pet.” Lizzo, Harry Styles and Beyonce also scored multiple nominations as well. As far as television, "Stranger Things" leads the pack with five noms.

While Charli celebrates her new hosting gig, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, is sticking up for Charli after fans started trolling Charli for her new pink and black hair, which matches her boyfriend’s, Landon Barker. Dixie tweeted, “No wonder she doesn’t want to f***ing post, y’all criticize every move she makes,” adding, “y’all ‘fans’ act like you hate her. I’m not saying you have to like everything she does but it’s just constant nagging and negativity.”

A source has confirmed that Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo both left “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” early. Caroline left on her own, but Brandi was reportedly asked to leave. Sources say Brandi allegedly kissed Caroline “multiple times” at a party without her consent to the point where Caroline felt uncomfortable. Brandi texted an apology the next morning to Caroline, but the network still found her “behavior was inappropriate” and told her to leave. Caroline supposedly didn’t know Brandi was asked to leave when she herself decided to leave, People reports.

Former king of YouTube PewDiePie was recently recognized by a prominent YouTube channel as one of the “Top 100 people that changed history.” The now-retired gamer made a reaction video, in which he thanked the creator and commented on being in strange company. He said, “Hey, right next to Zlatan,” the Swedish soccer player, also pointing out that Kanye West was on the list. As for the recognition, he said, “I’m honored that people take inspiration from me. Thank you so much.”

Will Smith reunited with Martin Lawrence on social media to drop the news of a new “Bad Boys” movie. The post shows Will Smith driving to Martin Lawrence’s home, where they reveal the news together, though they both realize maybe they should’ve called the third movie something else and held on to “Bad Boys for Life” as the title for the fourth one.

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Celebrities need to start locking their doors…

-          Police were called to Drake's Los Angeles mansion Thursday night after his security reported seeing an unknown man leaving the house, carrying something.

-          "Pitch Perfect" star Skylar Astin’s home was broken into while he was away. The thieves broke a window to get in then trashed the place looking for stuff, TMZ says. Skylar got an alert to his phone and sent a friend over to check things out, who then called police.

-          Sam from “Siesta Key” has hired 24/7 armed guards at his house after their place was robbed and held up, more than a result of the group flashing their wealth so much on TV.

“Big Energy” singer Latto was trying to auction her undies on eBay, but they took it down, just when it was about to reach $100,000.  The reason? The used and worn underwear is a direct violation of their "used clothing policy,” according to TMZ. In actuality, Latto only started the auction to prove a point to her fans, that she does, in fact, own more than one leopard print thong. Fans had been accusing her of poor hygiene and not changing out the same pair.

When Marc Anthony got married in Miami on Saturday, his daughter with Jennifer Lopez wasn’t there for it. Emme was actually catching a movie in Los Angeles with her mom and stepdad Ben Affleck along with her stepsiblings Samuel, 10, and Seraphina, 14. No word on if her twin brother, Max, was at the wedding.

Gap’s latest campaign pays tribute to Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who died by suicide at age 40 last month. Before he passed, tWitch posed for ads for Gap’s upcoming collaboration with The Brooklyn Circus. Gap also announced that it will support the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by donating to Vibrant Emotional Health in tWitch’s honor. The organization provides free and confidential around-the-clock emotional support and care to those in need.

Gordon Ramsay is a hard man to please, but apparently, he’s a fan of YouTuber MrBeast’s Feastables chocolate. MrBeast had Gordon try two different chocolate bars – one was his Feastables, and another was a bar that cost him $400. Gordon said of MrBeast’s bar, “Very good, that’s good,” but he did feel the $400 was better. Still, chocolate is chocolate so if I can save myself $398, that’s good enough for me.

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People in Boston have a problem with geography in HBO’s “The Last of Us.” According to boston.com, a source close to production says the show used drone footage from the Boston area, but most of the production actually took place in Alberta, Canada. Of course that’s standard practice for filming, but the problem people have is that the show featured a very mountainous terrain that they presented as “10 miles west of Boston.” The tweets are hilarious. Even horror author Stephen King had something to say about it, tweeting, “THE LAST OF US. Episode 3: Do you really want to tell me that’s 10 miles west of Boston?” Not only is the landscape completely wrong, so are the trees. And as some people have pointed out/photoshopped, if that were truly the Boston landscape, there’d be a DD somewhere in there.

Kelly Clarkson has moved out of her Los Angeles home temporarily and has hired additional security to keep her family safe from the stalker who just keeps showing up, RadarOnline.com reports. The stalker has shown up 18 times (that she knows of), usually at exactly 8:59 PM, leaving gifts for Kelly.

Alec Baldwin has been formally charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deadly 2021 shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of "Rust" in New Mexico. Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the person in charge of prop guns on the movie set, is also facing the same charges. If the prosecution provides proof of negligence, that would be up to a year and a half in jail and a $5,000 fine. The other alternative is for reckless disregard of safety “without due caution and circumspection,” which could carry a five-year prison sentence since the offense was committed with a firearm. Alec has claimed all along that he didn't pull the trigger on the gun, but the probable cause statement in the indictment says that pictures and videos clearly show him “multiple times, with his finger inside of the trigger guard and on the trigger." The FBI says it tested the weapon and determined that it couldn't fire without the trigger being pulled.

Dr. Phil McGraw is ending his daytime talk show after this season, his 21st season. He said, “I have been blessed with over 25 wonderful years in daytime television…This has been an incredible chapter of my life and career, but while I’m moving on from daytime, there is so much more I wish to do.” Dr. Phil got his start on TV on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in the 1990s. More than $35 million in resources has been provided for guests after they appeared onstage. He won’t be gone for good though – instead, he’s working on prime-time programming that is scheduled to launch in early 2024.

Savannah Guthrie and Drew Barrymore hanging out together is a bit unexpected. What’s even more unexpected is the two of them getting tattoos together. Savannah got one that read "all my love" on her forearm to honor her father, explaining, "This is his handwriting from a love letter he wrote to my mom." As for Drew, she got one on her forearm of three oblong fish outlines. As for who wore it better, definitely Savannah.

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