Dina's Dirt for November 24, 2021

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Sandra Bullock spoke with Esquire, and she was asked why she and Keanu Reeves, her co-star in “Speed” and “The Lake House,” never got together. She said she was afraid of ruining their great friendship, explaining, “Keanu’s a guy who, I feel like, is friends with every woman he’s ever dated. I don’t think there’s anyone who has something horrible to say about him. So maybe we could have survived.” But it sounds like he loved her very much as a very good friend. Sandra shared that they somehow got to talking about Champagne and truffles. She said she’d never had Champagne and truffles. A few days later, when she was sitting on her couch painting her nails, Keanu showed up with flowers, Champagne, and truffles. He said, “I just thought you might want to try Champagne and truffles, to see what it’s like.” Sandra indulged, and then she painted Keanu’s fingernails. Is anyone else’s heart melting right now? Why isn’t this a movie?

Jeremy Renner has played Hawkeye in the Avengers films for ten years, but ever since his daughter, Ava Berlin, 8½, was born in 2013, he told Marvel they had to make changes to his schedule so he could spend time with her or else… Jeremy told Men's Health he spent a year and a half commuting from London to Los Angeles for weekend visits, sometimes only getting to see her for a few hours. He told his bossed, "I said, 'Fine, recast me. I'm going to be here with my daughter.' It was pretty gnarly." He now requires weekends off for visits with Ava for every project he takes, explaining, "Acting and everything else goes out the window until my daughter says, 'I want to hang out with my friends, and I don't want to be around you so much, Daddy.'"

Tori Spelling has explained her husband Dean McDermott’s absence from their Christmas card. As I told you yesterday, Tori posed with their five kids, a pig, a chicken and two goats, but no Dean, and she signed the card from “Tori & Family.” With all the questions, she had no choice but to answer .Tori says Dean was out of town for work when they took the pic for the card. They couldn’t superimpose him in?

Mariah Carey has two kids with her ex, Nick Cannon, and one reporter’s suggestion otherwise completely rubbed her the wrong way. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Frazier brought up Nick’s many other children, asking Mariah of her and Nick’s twins, “Will any of their step brothers or sisters get to enjoy Christmas your way?” Mariah’s response was a little stiff when she said, “Is it step? I don’t think it’s step. If you’re not married to the person. I don’t know about that, that’s a different interview for you.” Technically, she’s right – they’re not steps, they’re half siblings.
Stepkids would mean Mariah is still married to Nick and that she is a parent to his kids, which she is not and sounds like she never wants to be. Besides, he’s got so many kids, it might not be legal for anyone not related by blood to watch that many of them without a daycare license.

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The stylist who put together Janet Jackson's outfit on the night of her alleged wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show with Justin Timberlake denies any part in the controversy, when Justin ripped open Janet’s top, exposing her. Wayne Scot Lukas told Access Hollywood, “If I work with someone who's a dancer, you have to be able to dance in a wardrobe, and it has to never fall apart. My job is to have snaps and pins and velcro so that, even in her quick change, if she forgets to snap something, it stays on. That's my job. I stand 100 percent by my story that I did exactly what I was supposed to do, what I was hired for." He added, “And if I ever hurt my friend, I wouldn't have worked with Janet for six years after the Super Bowl. I would've been fired that day." As for his feelings towards Justin, Wayne said, "We haven't spoken since he blamed me. He came off the stage and said, 'It's just a little wardrobe malfunction. And when he said that, I thought, 'Friendship over. Friendship over! Wardrobe malfunction? I don't malfunction. I was a professional stylist, [charging] $10,000 a day back then.
I can't fail!”

There are few songs that have had the chart staying power as The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” and now “Billboard” has dubbed it the Greatest Hot 100 Song of All Time. The song spent four weeks at number one, 43 weeks in the Top Five, the most of any song, and 57 weeks in the Top 10. The song has also spent 86 weeks in the Top 40, and 90 total weeks on the Hot 100 surpassing Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” with the most weeks on the Hot 100 with 90. The Weeknd said, “I don’t think [it] has hit me yet. I try not to dwell on it too much. I just count my blessings, and I’m just grateful.” Here are the Top 10 Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Songs;

“Blinding Lights,” The Weeknd
“The Twist,” Chubby Checker
“Smooth,” Santana feat. Rob Thomas
“Mack the Knife,” Bobby Darin
“Uptown Funk!,” Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
“How Do I Live,” LeAnn Rimes
“Party Rock Anthem,” LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
“I Gotta Feeling,” The Black Eyed Peas
“Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix),” Los Del Rio
“Shape of You,” Ed Sheeran

Brian Laundrie, the main suspect in the death of his girlfriend, influencer Gabby Petito, is said to have died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to the family attorney. This news comes after Brian Laundrie's bones were examined by an anthropologist, according to TMZ. Now, people are wondering, if it was suicide, where is the gun? Also, there’s talk there may be others the police are looking into regarding the death of Gabby Petito. So many unanswered questions…

Esquire published an interview with Keanu Reeves ahead of his next “Matrix” film, and they found out that he may actually be married; not to his current girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, but to his "Bram Stoker’s Dracula" co-star, Winona Ryder. Keanu said when their characters got married onscreen in the 1992 film, they may have been married in real life since the director, Francis Ford Coppola, used an actual Romanian priest to perform the ceremony. Keanu added, "Winona says we are. Coppola says we are. So I guess we're married under the eyes of God.”

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Madonna is getting some backlash for a photo she shared from her V Magazine photo shoot. Madonna posted a bunch of pics done by photographer Steven Klein for