Eskin: '76ers one of worst organizations in history of Philadelphia sports'


Howard Eskin, who has been an avid Process detractor for the entire decade, absolutely unleashed fury on the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday's 94WIP Midday Show minutes after the organization fired head coach Doc Rivers.

"The 76ers organization is one of the all-time jokes," Eskin told Hugh Douglas and Joe Giglio on Tuesday. "They are a disgrace. They are a team I can't stomach any more. They are absolutely one of the worst organizations in the history of Philadelphia sports...This organization is a joke and they suck, they absolutely suck. Because they're clueless, the ownership is clueless, [president of basketball operations] Daryl Morey is clueless—he's a total fraud. He has done nothing for this team.

"To fire this head coach, I think it's shameful. It's disgusting and it's disgraceful. To have him take the fall for what just happened is an outrage and it's disgusting."

Eskin also reported that James Harden had "a lot to do" with the firing of Rivers.

"It's obvious and I know this for a fact, that James Harden—for a fact, not social media nonsense—James Harden had a lot to do with this," Eskin said. "James Harden is a coach killer."

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images